Consultations at ABS

Offered at our convenient location in Denver, CO

Aesthetic procedures like body contouring can be a life-changing investment, and being well-informed about the procedure you’re considering is essential before moving forward. Are you considering body contouring or sculpting? At Advanced Body Sculpting in Englewood, Colorado, our board-certified surgeons and caring patient coordinators are passionate about helping our patients achieve the body they desire. By the time most patients take the first step in scheduling a consultation, they’ve often spent years thinking about the changes they’d like to make. But, life is short. There’s no reason not to look and feel your very best, which is why we strive to make the consultation process as easy and informative as possible. Why wait? From your first phone call to your final follow-up appointment, the team at ABS is committed to offering exceptional support, each step of the way. Call (303) 816-8898 to get started, or fill out our convenient online form to start the process.

Why Consultations Matter

Surgical procedures are performed every day with great success – but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a significant investment. You have many choices when it comes to picking a surgeon, so you should be well-informed about any procedure that you’re interested in. And, your surgeon should specialize in the procedure that you’re interested in. The surgeons at ABS specialize in body contouring procedures like liposuction, Brazilian butt lifts, tummy tucks, and combined procedures like mommy makeovers. There’s no “undo” when it comes to surgery, so it’s crucial to understand what to expect so that you can confidently look forward to the best possible outcomes. The consultation process is an important part of making sure this happens. 

Getting Started

The consultation will accomplish two very important goals: you have the opportunity to vet the surgeon and also learn more about your procedure of interest.  During your consultation at Advanced Body Sculpting, we will educate you on the treatment options available and what can be done to safely and effectively achieve your desired results.  The more we know about you, the better we can help you achieve the results you desire, so that you can continue your life loving the way you look.

Mini Consultation

Curious about pricing and downtime?  Give us a call at (303) 816-8898.  We understand that it can be time-consuming to consult with multiple plastic surgery offices.  That is why we start off all our patients with a mini-consultation over the phone. During this initial phone call, an experienced patient coordinator will go over pricing for the procedures you are considering, and discuss the time off work that you’ll need. They’ll also answer any questions you have regarding procedures, our technology, and our surgeons.  This lets us explain the broad strokes and bigger picture of your procedure. This informal mini-consultation isn’t with a receptionist, it’s with an experienced patient coordinator. We understand that your time is valuable, so we’ll discuss the essential parts of your procedure such as pricing, and the amount of downtime you can anticipate. Depending on the procedure that you are considering, you may need to be able to dedicate a week or more to rest and healing. Some procedures, like a Brazilian butt lift, require several weeks of specific aftercare protocols. Mommy makeover and tummy tuck candidates will need to make sure they have help with childcare and other household tasks. We’re happy to spend as long as it takes so that by the time you arrive at our reception area, you’ll feel comfortable and ready to ask the important questions. Then, you’ll be able to give the specifics of your procedure the consideration required when making this important decision. 

In-Person Consultation

After your mini-consultation, you’ll visit our Englewood offices for a personal consultation. Your in-person consultation will include:

  • A review of your medical history to ensure that you can undergo the procedure safely and that it will be an effective solution to your cosmetic concerns
  • A thorough examination of the areas that you’d like to treat. Your coordinator will determine the distribution of fatty and other tissues to assess the extent of treatment that will need to be performed to achieve your ideal results. 
  • A discussion of the available options for anesthesia, your preferences, and the pros and cons of each, such as the risk factors and side effects
  • The technology used to perform the procedure that you are considering, and the advantages it offers
  • What your recovery will entail, and the amount of time you’ll need to take off of work

Once you’ve decided to move ahead, we’ll schedule your procedure!

Pre-operative Appointment

The next time we’ll see you before the date of your treatment is for your pre-operative appointment. This will occur about three weeks before the date of your surgery. At this appointment, your surgeon and your nurse will explain the details of the procedure and answer any questions that you may have. We will sign consents, take pre-op photos and go over any medication and lab work needed before your procedure. We’ll assess your health and go over the steps you’ll need to take to prepare. That way, when your big day arrives, you’ll be calm and comfortable, and know exactly what to expect. If you’re ready to take the next step towards achieving your ideal figure, contact us at Advanced Body Sculpting in Englewood today. We look forward to helping you reach your aesthetic goals!

What You Know Matters

Cosmetic surgery is different than other forms of medicine, and not only because it’s elective, or the patient’s choice. It’s simple to determine whether a procedure was successful when it’s performed to resolve a medical condition that is affecting a patient’s health. 

But aesthetic procedures can also have a huge impact on a patient’s quality of life and are successful only if the patient is satisfied with their results. Studies have shown that after undergoing a cosmetic procedure, patients report 

  • Better ability to enjoy life
  • Less anxiety
  • Feeling like they are being treated better by others
  • Enhanced social life and relationships(1)

Studies have shown that patient satisfaction is profoundly impacted by the information they have before they undergo their procedure of choice. Understanding what the procedure can do is essential for setting realistic expectations. Then, when those expectations are met or exceeded, the patient has a positive experience, and can better enjoy their results. 

Are You a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

Both you and your patient coordinator will need to agree that you’re a good candidate for the procedure and that the procedure is right for you. During the consultation process, we’ll determine the safest and most effective approach based on your:

  • Health: ABS performs body sculpting procedures, not weight loss procedures. In order to undergo surgery safely, you’ll need to be at a healthy weight. You’ll also need to be free from certain underlying medical conditions.
  • Expectations: What you desire from the procedure, and how you believe the procedure will deliver your ideal results
  • Motivations: Why you are pursuing treatment, the areas of your life that you believe will be improved. Choosing to pursue a cosmetic procedure is a decision that you should be making for yourself, not because of pressure from a partner or society! 


At ABS, our dedicated team of patient coordinators, nurses, and surgeons are here for you. We understand that everyone has unique body-contouring goals and we strive to help our patients achieve them! Our many years of experience allow us to give patients the honest advice and recommendations they need. Call (303) 708-8770 to speak with a patient coordinator and begin your journey to the body of your dreams!

How Much Does a Consultation Cost?

The consultations we offer at ABS are complimentary. We believe that every patient deserves to have unlimited access to the information that they need to make the important decision about moving forward with surgery. This includes the cost of your procedure. Unlike other cosmetic surgery practices, you’ll be given detailed information about pricing for the procedures you’re interested in during your initial phone consultation.


How long do body sculpting results last?

The results of body sculpting procedures last for years, depending on your body’s natural aging process. To maintain your results, we recommend that you follow a healthy diet and exercise routine.

How much does a body sculpting procedure cost?

Body sculpting prices vary due to the customized nature of the procedure. We will provide you with a personalized cost estimate during your pre-operative consultation.

What are the risks of body sculpting?

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with body sculpting. These include infection, bleeding, scarring, and nerve damage. We will discuss all potential risks and complications in detail during your pre-operative visit.


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