PRO-NOX – Safe and Comfortable Anesthesia

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Patient comfort is our number one priority. We are happy to offer our patients PRO-NOX, a 50% Nitrous Oxide, 50% Oxygen sedative gas. The PRO-NOX system has been used safely to maintain patient comfort during both cosmetic and dental procedures for decades.

PRO-NOX reduces the patient’s pain and anxiety during procedures that may not require anesthesia, or that are performed with local or “awake” anesthesia. Patients who receive PRO-NOX can receive their treatments comfortably and without side effects. The effects of the gases will subside within minutes after the procedure is complete.

If you are interested in learning more about how PRO-NOX can be incorporated into your comfortable treatment and recovery, call the ABS Institute to schedule an informational consultation today.


PRO-NOX is a sedation system that administers a controlled, adjustable amount of a 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen gas to the patient. PRO-NOX reduces patients’ pain and anxiety, as well as diminishes overall awareness of what is going on during the procedure.

There is no grogginess after receiving PRO-NOX.

During certain procedures, PRO-NOX can be a sufficient pain and anxiety solution. Our patients often experience the most benefit from combining local anesthesia and PRO-NOX. Patients are advised not to drive themselves home after these cases, due to the after-effects of the anesthesia.

PRO-NOX is safe for use with both adult and pediatric patients. The system monitors levels of nitrous and oxygen, warning the staff before shutting off if levels become too low. PRO-NOX also comes with built-in one-way flow systems, to avoid any risk of infection. The system has been safely and successfully used to ensure patient comfort for decades.

Benefits of PRO-NOX

  • Feel relaxed and comfortable during your procedure
  • Highly customizable: you receive the amount of PRO-NOX that is right for you!
  • Safe and well-tested
  • PRO-NOX leaves patients’ systems within five to ten minutes. There are no groggy after-effects.

Procedures Performed with PRO-NOX

PRO-NOX is used across the industry to help maintain patient comfort during a wide variety of procedures. PRO-NOX helps many people who have fear of needles receive their microneedling or injectables treatments without any stress or awareness of pain. Similarly, PRO-NOX has proven highly effective at providing relief during patient’s treatments with lasers.

PRO-NOX has a high success rate of keeping our patients happy and comfortable during their body contouring procedure at the ABS Institute.

PRO-NOX can be incorporated successfully into any of the following procedures:


In many cases, we perform liposuction with local anesthesia. Whether we are performing VASER liposuction, traditional tumescent liposuction, or SmartLipo, our surgical techniques are designed to accomplish the most gentle treatment for the patient, while delivering the most ideal results. Patients fat will be safely eliminated using tiny incisions and a slim cannula. Depending on the patient’s chosen method of liposuction, VASER liposuction will apply radiofrequency waves to help dislodge fat, while SmartLipo will melt fat with targeted but safe laser energy.

PRO-NOX will keep patients comfortable while their doctor achieves their ideal body contouring results!

Even though the local anesthesia will control the patient’s pain during these cutting-edge procedures, some patients feel anxiety about being “awake” during any degree of invasive procedure. These patients may want to jump to general anesthesia, but this can create a longer, more disoriented recovery time for the patient. However, patients who want to have a more relaxed, comfortable experience, than simply receive a local anesthetic, are good candidates for PRO-NOX.

PRO-NOX is a highly recommended way to keep patients comfortable during their Fat Transfer for body contouring procedures, as well.


Liposuction is a highly effective way to eliminate patients’ fat. Sometimes, this fat can create visible skin dimpling and unevenness. Cellulaze is an advanced procedure that allows your doctor to target, remove, and smooth the appearance of this topical fat, also known as cellulite.

Cellulaze is performed with local anesthesia.

Many patients find their ideal level of comfort during their procedure by incorporating PRO-NOX into their procedure. The nitrous gas will keep patients in a happy, relaxed state until their treatment is complete.

Breast Augmentation

Depending on the extent of work that will be performed, breast augmentation can be performed under local anesthesia. Patients who would like any anxiety about their procedure reduced can add PRO-NOX to their treatment. PRO-NOX will keep patients calm and unaware of any work that is being done but will not add any time to patients’ recovery timeframe.

Interested in adding PRO-NOX to your treatment plan? The helpful team at the ABS Institute is happy to help you tailor a cosmetic procedure that you feel confident about. Part of that confidence comes from knowing your treatment will not only deliver your ideal results, it will also be a comfortable, positive experience from beginning to end.


PRO-NOX is safe and effective for all patients, male and female, of all ages.

If you are going to receive a minimally-invasive procedure, and want to have as quick and comfortable a recovery as possible, you can be a good candidate for PRO-NOX. Anesthesia, local and general, take time to leave patients’ systems. Patients who want no “sleepy” side effects after their treatment, but still want to be as comfortable as possible, as good candidates for PRO-NOX.

Patients will be advised to share their medical histories with the Doctor before receiving PRO-NOX, in order to determine what treatment and comfort methods will be best for them.


At the ABS Institute, we are about high-quality results: we guarantee our patient’s experience, from start to finish, will be comfortable and respectful. PRO-NOX allows us to deliver the safe, enjoyable experience our patients deserve. No matter the case, we take great care to meet with every patient to determine what sedation and pain-relief methods will be right for the patient and their treatment details.

During your consultation, your doctor will discuss your medical history and medication use with you. After your doctor has a good sense of your cosmetic goals, they will work with you to create a treatment plan that both meets your goals and is best for the unique needs of your body. The details of this treatment plan will include your preferred methods of being kept comfortable during your treatment. You will be well-informed of your sedation and anesthesia options. It is important to us that every patient feels fully aware and comfortable with every treatment decision they make.

We invite our patients to ask any questions they have about sedation with PRO-NOX. Your treatment, your comfort!

Your Experience with PRO-NOX

For many patients, sedation with PRO-NOX keeps patients happy, comfortable, and pain-free during their procedures. Some patients may decide to combine PRO-NOX with local anesthetic, a safe and highly effective way avoiding any discomfort during a patient’s procedure.

At the beginning of a patient’s treatment, they will be given the PRO-NOX breathing mask. Every patient is able to adjust the amount of nitrous oxide they receive themselves. Patients know their comfort levels! The PRO-NOX will take effect almost instantly. Patients will feel calm, happy, and unaware of any pain.

Once the procedure is complete, the PRO-NOX will be turned off. The effects of the gas will wear off in minutes, allowing patients to function following their treatment.


Your recovery details will depend upon the particular treatment you have received. Patients who have received their treatment under local or general anesthesia will likely need to ask for a ride home after their procedure. These patients often need to take a few hours or the rest of the day to come out of the “groggy” feeling of their anesthesia.

Patients who choose sedation with PRO-NOX will not need any recovery time after PRO-NOX. The Nitrous gas is effective when administered, but the effects on the body will completely subside 5-10 minutes after the gas has been turned off. Patients will feel awake and ready for their best recovery!


The price of incorporating PRO-NOX into your treatment will vary based on the details of your procedure, such as the length of your procedure and types of pain-relieving solutions you will be combining. The details of your treatment plan will be determined during your private consultation. Once the details of your treatment have been approved, you will receive a cost breakdown that reflects your treatment plan with PRO-NOX.

Stay comfortable and relaxed, safely and effectively. PRO-NOX is peace-of-mind, on your own terms. Call the ABS Institute today to learn more about how PRO-NOX can make a difference in your experience so that you feel fresh and ready to enjoy your beautiful results!