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Cellulite is the dimpling of the skin that often occurs on the thighs, hips, and buttocks. It happens as a result of connective fibers called septae pulling down on the skin. Cellulite is extremely common in adult women and can cause self-consciousness and feelings of insecurity, undermining one’s sense of body confidence. It can also be extremely frustrating, as it is resistant to diet changes and exercise. 

Many treatments are marketed as anti-cellulite solutions, but the vast majority of them are limited in scope. Topical creams, “fat-busting” exercises, and massage treatments may improve symptoms temporarily, but only Cellulaze effectively targets the root causes of cellulite.

At the Advanced Body Sculpting Institute in Denver, CO, we specialize in providing tailored body sculpting techniques using the most advanced, scientifically-backed technologies. In our experience, Cellulaze is the premier option when it comes to cellulite reduction and achieving smoother, more youthful-looking skin around the thighs and buttocks. 

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What to Know About Cellulite 

Cellulite is one of the most visible and frustrating types of cosmetic issues to treat, and it affects over 80% of women around the world. (1) Research indicates that genetics play a big part in whether or not an individual develops cellulite, however, there are other contributing factors such as the following.

  • An excess of fatty tissue 
  • Natural skin aging
  • A lack of physical exercise 
  • Slow metabolism 
  • Skin thickness
  • Hormonal issues

Men may also develop cellulite, but it’s relatively rare. Men with low levels of testosterone are at higher risk of developing the condition, suggesting that there is a hormonal element to it. (2) Also, the female body develops more subcutaneous fat than men, especially around the hips and thighs. Women also produce less estrogen as they age, hindering blood flow and circulation- essential components for long-term skin elasticity.

Benefits of Cellulaze 

Cellulaze is an FDA-approved treatment for cellulite, developed by industry leaders in cellulite treatment, Cynosure. The device uses a 1440-nanometer Nd:YAG laser to precisely target fibrous septae without harming any surrounding tissue. Cellulaze can also: 

  • Combat cellulite at its root structures, the fibrous septae, just below the surface of the skin
  • Improve skin quality by increasing the natural thickness and elasticity of your skin 
  • Provide permanent or near-permanent results 
  • Enhance the results of other body contouring procedures, like thigh liposuction

Patients also appreciate the many surgical benefits and feel assured by the minimally invasive advantages of the procedure: 

  • Your ABS surgeon can perform it using local anesthesia. 
  • The entire procedure takes only 1 to 1 ½ hours, depending on the size of your treatment areas. 
  • The incision required for the Cellulaze device to enter subdermally is only a fraction of an inch, making the resulting scar/s insignificant and able to fade well with time. 
  • Cellulaze incisions are discreetly placed in the natural creases of the body. 

Candidates for Cellulaze

Anyone with unsightly dimpling on the hips, thighs, or buttocks can undergo a Cellulaze treatment, so long as they are in good overall health. Those with diabetes or other chronic health conditions that affect one’s ability to heal may not be suitable candidates. It may not produce optimal results for patients with severe skin laxity, severe cellulite, or those wishing to achieve significant fat reduction. Adults who are within a reasonable range of their ideal weight and have struggled to find an effective, long-term solution to cellulite should consider the benefits of Cellulaze. 

Personal Consultation

During the consultation, we will evaluate your cellulite and whether you might have excess fat pockets that may be better addressed with a liposuction procedure. To do this, we will perform a thorough examination to assess both the cellulite divots and your overall skin quality in the area. 

Once we have determined you are a good candidate for Cellulaze, we will show you before and after photos of previous patients with similar dimpling to yours who have had the procedure done. Results vary, but you will gain a comprehensive idea of what you can expect from your treatment. 

ABS Institute will provide you with all the necessary details on how the procedure is performed, any possible side effects or risks, how to prepare, and how to best recover. Of course, we encourage you to ask any questions you may have at this time. To get started today, call our office located in Denver at (303) 708-8770, or reach out for a consultation request with one of our patient coordinators by filling out our contact form

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A major benefit of Cellulaze is that preparation is minimal. We ask that you cease taking any anti-inflammatory medicine and/or herbal supplements two weeks before the treatment. We will  review your blood tests to ensure no major underlying conditions will cause complications during the procedure. Any instructions based on your personal medical history will be discussed during your consultation.

The Cellulaze Procedure

The procedure generally takes about 1 to 1 ½ hours, including the time it takes to administer local anesthesia. You will be awake during the process. Your surgeon will make tiny incisions in strategic spots, an aspect of the treatment that is predetermined and discussed during your consultation. They will then insert the thin, pen-shaped cannula underneath the skin, allowing the laser fiber to be fed through. The cannula liquefies the fat, releases the fibrous septae, and stimulates the dermal layer of the skin, resulting in more collagen production. 

Cellulaze v.s. Skin Creams 

Skin creams can be effective when applied with fervor and consistently, but the effects are not permanent. That’s because the main ingredient in most of these creams is caffeine. Topical creams achieve results by shrinking skin cells by dehydrating them. They can function as a good temporary option, however, these effects won’t be sustained beyond a period of a few days at most. Retinol is another product that some mistakenly tout as a cellulite fix but, again, this is only a band-aid solution; it works temporarily by thickening the skin. Cellulaze offers more permanent, long-lasting results.

Cellulaze v.s. Liposuction

Alternatively, a procedure like liposuction will rid the body of extra fat, but there could still be dimpling due to the fibrous bands remaining intact. With perhaps the exception of VASER and SmartLipo, traditional liposuction treatments will not address the symptoms of cellulite. In some instances, liposuction can even worsen the appearance of cellulite. If you wish, your ABS surgeon can use Cellulaze and liposuction during the same procedure, often utilizing the same small incisions to access the fat layer. 

What to Expect During Recovery  

After Cellulaze treatment, most patients can resume normal activities within about a week  and more strenuous activities after 3 weeks. Some bruising and discomfort are expected, but they will subside quickly. Any surgical marks from the incisions will also fade over time, depending on how your unique body heals. Research has shown that over 90% of patients treated with Cellulaze were happy with their results 1 year post-procedure. (3) 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

VASER Thigh Liposuction 

If you feel uncomfortable with both the dimpling texture of your thighs as well as the accumulation of fat in this area of your body, ABS surgeons can tailor your minimally invasive treatment to include thigh liposuction. This can be a transformative change if you are experiencing chafing between your thighs or if you simply want a more harmonious, balanced figure. ABS surgeons stand by the efficiency of ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) using the advanced VASER device. With the application of ultrasound energy before liposuction, patients can expect to have a faster recovery with less bruising. (4) 

How Much is a Cellulaze Treatment in Denver?

Your Cellulaze treatment will depend on how many sessions you choose to undergo and the results you would like to achieve. The cost of each area of Cellulaze treatment is $3000, but keep in mind that most patients get excellent results with just one session. ABS offers patients various financing options that allow them to make affordable, regular payments to cover the cost. To take the first step, call our office at (303) 708-8770 or inquire about a consultation by filling out our online form. Don’t wait another day to experience the skin-smoothing benefits of Cellulaze. 


Can I get Cellulaze treatment and liposuction done at the same time? 

Your surgeon can utilize Cellulaze to enhance your liposuction results since liposuction on its own won’t correct cellulite. 

Does Cellulaze have skin-tightening benefits? 

Cellulaze can offer mild firming and tightening, but if you have lax skin, you may benefit from a procedure that involves skin tightening or skin removal. 

When will I see the results of Cellulaze?

You will likely not see the full results of Cellulaze until about 3 to 6 months after your treatment, and they will continue to improve over the following months.


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