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Advanced Body Sculpting is all about diminishing the curves you don’t love and enhancing the ones you do. By using rigorously researched techniques and technologies, The Advanced Body Sculpting (ABS) Institute uses industry-leading procedures that artfully craft your desired physique.

While some procedures are perfect for certain people, not all approaches are for everyone. It is important to know which procedures can best achieve your desired aesthetic results. The ABS Institute is committed to educating our patients and making the services we offer accessible. The ABS Institute staff has all the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to solve any of your Body Sculpting desires. The first step in this process is to schedule a personal consultation. If you would like to reach our office call (303) 708-8770.

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Liposuction has advanced through the years by improving different techniques upon their predecessors. Through decades of research and scientific expansion, the cosmetic industry has fine-tuned the techniques and strategies associated with liposuction. At The ABS Institute, we have proudly incorporated the most innovative technology into each of our patient’s treatment plans. By utilizing these advances in liposuction, our patients are given better results with less downtime. These techniques include:

  • Subdermal skin tightening
  • Efficient fat extraction
  • Ultrasound guidance 


While ABS Institute may not utilize all of these technologies for your body sculpting procedure, we will use a tailored combination of these approaches during your treatment. These liposuction technologies will play a vital role in your personalized procedure. 

Tumescent Liposuction

As the first step to liposuction procedures, tumescent fluid is elemental in garnering optimal results with minimal pain or discomfort. Tumescent fluid is an effective formula that contains lidocaine, epinephrine, and saline solution. When injected into fatty tissue, the saline solution forces the fat cells to expand, making them easier to remove during the extraction stage. The epinephrine causes the blood vessels to contract, limiting bleeding, and the lidocaine dulls the pain receptors and nerve endings to ward off any pain or discomfort.

VASER Liposuction

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Standing for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, VASER liposuction uses advanced ultrasound technology to gently break down fat, making it easier to remove.[1] While in traditional liposuction, surgeons could only extract deeper fatty tissue which in turn left the superficial layers untouched. While some patients were able to achieve satisfactory fat loss, patients looking for more precise fat removal and a more sculptural effect were unable to achieve their desired results.  However, VASER liposuction has now made that dream a reality. By using ultrasound waves to break apart fat just under the dermis, an expert ABS Institute surgeon can use VASER technology to sculpt fat away from muscles like the abdominals, arms, and chest, leaving the area looking more chiseled and defined. 


SmartLipo is a trailblazing body contouring procedure that harnesses the power of laser lipolysis. This approach works by making an incision just small enough for the slender laser device to enter. The laser energy created a thermal effect that heats and liquefies fat, making the fat much easier to extract through a cannula. As a result, this revolutionary body sculpting procedure is more gentle than traditional liposuction and offers a shorter recovery period.[2]

Treatable Areas

The Back

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Fat around the back often surprises patients because it’s an area they don’t see every day. And yet, back rolls and bra bulges can hamper your self-confidence the same way any other area of fatty tissue can. With liposuction for the back, our professionals can shed those unwanted fat deposits with their various tools and techniques. At The ABS Institute, we have your back! 

Hips & Waist

As we age, fat is increasingly stored along the waist and around the hips. Although health gurus advertise simple fixes for hip and waist fat, these fixes bring about anticlimactic results. With liposuction for hips and waist, our ABS Institute professionals use pioneering technology to delicately sculpt away unwanted bulges and bumps of fatty tissue along the hips. Soon, those bikini bottoms will fit more comfortably, as you strut your stuff confidently as ever.

Love Handles

Otherwise known as flanks, love handles are those pesky pockets of fat that perch atop the hips, right under the ribs. Though diet and exercise are great ways to shed fat in other parts of the body, this is not the case for love handles. Core exercises go only as far as the obliques, leaving the love handles unaffected. But with liposuction for the love handles, you can finally see a solution to those stubborn deposits of fat. 


Deposits of fat around the calves can range in size and be incredibly resistant to diet and exercise. With liposuction for calves, we can shed the fat between the skin and the muscles, showcasing a more chiseled calf and an overall leaner contour of the lower leg. 


When you look at yourself in a picture or the mirror, it may be difficult to look away from your double chin. Unfortunately, no diet or exercise can erase this pocket of unwanted fat from your appearance. It can be a major insecurity for some people by making them look older and heavier than they really are. At The ABS Institute, we know many people struggle with this insecurity, and that’s why we have developed liposuction for the chin. By sculpting away the fat from the chin, we can unveil a more sculpted chin and jawline.


Liposuction for the abdomen is the perfect solution for superfluous fat around the midsection. Our body strategically stores fat around the abdomen to protect vital organs, regulate heat loss, and act as a cushion for external stressors. By eliminating this fat, our professionals can reveal more defined abdominal muscles


Known as “bat wings,” unwanted fat can accumulate on the underside of the upper arm. While tricep exercises target the underlying muscle, the fat stays readily intact through these exercises. However, with liposuction for the arms, we can slenderize the arm, eliminating the batwing and giving the arms a more toned, defined appearance.


Fat around the thighs can be difficult to shed with a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. With liposuction for the thighs, we can sculpt away those fat deposits. In some procedures, like a BBL or a fat transfer, fatty tissue from the thighs can be used to bolster other various curves of your physique. 


Brazilian Butt Lift

Colloquially known as a BBL, a Brazilian Butt Lift has shot to stardom in the plastic surgery world, gaining fame from various celebrities’ social media posts. This exceptional procedure boosts the natural fat in the buttocks by grafting fatty tissue from other places like the thighs and abdomen. When this transferred fat is injected into the buttocks, the entire area lifts, giving the buttocks a rounder, firmer shape. While this procedure may not be on everyone’s wish list, it certainly satisfies the needs of those interested.

Tummy Tuck

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Medically known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck is a popular and effective treatment for patients who have excess skin around their abdomen. Many patients come to us with concerns about loose, hanging abdominal skin after a pregnancy or a weight loss journey. A tummy tuck procedure trims away the supple skin tissue, making the midsection tauter and defined. If your abdominal muscles loosened during your pregnancy, then we will repair these as well. 

Fat Transfer

A fat transfer is a strategic procedure that reduces unwanted curves and accentuates a more flattering one. Because everyone’s body carries fat differently, we will customize your procedure to your unique form. While some may wish to graft fat from their flanks to their buttocks, others might want the fat from their abdomen moved to their thighs. During your consultation, our expert staff will map out a personalized set of plans on how best to trade one curve for another. 


Approved by the FDA, Cellulaze is a perfect solution for cellulite on a woman’s physique. This laser treatment directly eliminates the structures in the connective tissue that cause cellulite by cutting the fibrous band that causes the indentions in the skin. This then increases the skin’s natural thickness by stimulating the area’s naturally produced collagen. This renewal of collagen improves the skin’s quality and minimizes cellulite’s appearance. 

Non-Invasive Procedures


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Emsculpt is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive procedure that burns fat and stimulates muscle growth simultaneously. Controlled by High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, your muscles are contracted approximately 20,000 times during one 30 minute session. Just one Emsculpt procedure is head and shoulders above the number of contractions possible in an everyday workout. While other body sculpting procedures offer fat loss, Emsculpt is the only fat-loss treatment to blaze past the trail of conventionality and concurrently encourage muscle growth. 


Patients who are interested in our suite of procedures should first know whether they qualify for these profound procedures. First, please note these procedures are not weight loss solutions, they are cosmetic body contouring procedures. Next, you must be at a healthy, stable weight and fit enough to undergo surgery. We will assess this during your consultation. Finally, if you smoke, we must ask you to stop smoking three weeks before your surgery and the entire duration of your recovery. 

If you are ready to see real, natural-looking results, the first step on your journey at The ABS Institute is to schedule a personal consultation.


Our mission at The ABS Institute is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can experience beautiful, life-changing results from our body sculpting procedures. From our tiered pricing structure to our exclusive discounts, we are proud to make these remarkable procedures affordable for all of our clients. If you would like to learn more about our pricing method please visit our pricing page or give our office a call at (303) 708-8770.


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