denv.her’s Emsculpt Experience at ABS 

Denv.her is a Denver-based beauty and lifestyle influencer. And, she recently recounted her Emsculpt experience at the ABS Institute in Englewood on her blog: Alisha Alexandra, the beautiful brains behind denv.her, uses her blog and media reach to share a cultured perspective on all things from fashion, to food, to her OOTD (outfit of the day). Alisha’s inspiration to achieve a “tighter & firmer body in 2022” led her to ABS, where she met with our body contouring and aesthetics experts. After an initial consultation, she signed on for a total of four Emsculpt sessions to build hard-to-target muscles on her glutes. Two months following her final treatment, Alisha saw a stark difference when comparing the pictures we took before her first Emsculpt session and the appearance of her glutes now. If you would like to read about her experience in her own words, check out her post by clicking here! For an experience just like Alisha’s (and results that pop just like hers), schedule your initial consultation with us by filling out this online form. To reach our front desk team, give us a call at (303) 708-8770.

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is non-invasive, wearable technology that stimulates muscle fibers, creating micro-tears in the fibers to stimulate a tissue-healing response; just like exercise. Over time – with adequate diet, exercise, and rest – the patient sees these target muscles grow stronger, firmer, more sculpted, and better-defined. 

Before and After Photos

Who is denv.her?

Denv.her is way more than just a blog. It’s an online platform that provides those visiting Denver or even long-term residents insight into the latest trends, the best dining, and exclusive insider advice about the Mile High City. With almost 40k dedicated followers on Instagram, denv.her casts a wide influential net that stretches way beyond the Rockies! From a post reviewing her experience at Ruth’s Chris, an upscale steak house in the Denver Tech Center, to helpful how-tos for the latest and greatest makeup palette, Alisha curates an online presence that provides unfettered access to the world and lifestyle of Denver. In her own words, denv.her is dedicated to all the babes out there who love dressing up and eating out. Fun! If this sounds like you, join the party! Check out her posts related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, or catch up on her #ventsesh.  

denv.her’s experience at ABS

Back in October of 2021, Alisha came to visit our Englewood offices with one goal in mind: achieve a tighter, firmer booty just in time for the New Year. After chatting with our world-class staff, she saw the level of warmth and care our entire office is committed to providing. Dana, an expert Emsculpt technician, explained what Emsculpt is and how high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves (the power behind Emsculpt) can work muscles more than even the best workout plan. With Alisha’s glutes as the target muscles, Dana attached the Emsculpt device onto each butt cheek. While diet and exercise can build these muscles, the process is quite arduous and time-sucking. But, during an Emsculpt session, the device’s energy contracts the targeted muscles 20,000 times in just 30 minutes – and the treatment was so quick and painless that Alisha was able to schedule it over her lunch break. In her post, Alisha clues her reader in on the fact that 20,000 contractions are equivalent to 20,000 squats: a feat unimaginable to even an Olympic athlete! In just 30 minutes, her glutes were taken far past the point of fatigue to achieve optimal muscle growth–and she got to lay back and relax. She reported that she got used to the feeling of the strong muscle contractions as the device cycled through its contracting and tapping stages. 

After her initial session, she had three others spaced 2-3 days apart. In between each session, she followed our instructions to partake in a healthy diet and lifestyle, taking her dog, Forbes, on a rewarding 3+ mile walk. Following her fourth and final session, she waited two months to come back for her follow-up appointment. If you’re thinking about your own plans for Emsculpt, know that it is best to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle as the treated muscles will respond better to abundant nutrients and exercise. At her 2-month follow-up, we snapped an “after” picture to compare against her previous booty. 

Denv.her's Before and After images
Denv.her's Before and After images

As you can see, the bottom of her glutes gained more volume and projection. In the side view, her glutes have a noticeable, more sculpted curve. Sure, these results can be achieved in the gym, but only after 80,000 squats.

It was a joy to help Alisha feel amazing and confident with a perkier booty! All of us at the ABS Institute believe it is always an honor to share the remarkable benefits of Emsculpt with those searching for genuine, lasting results. After learning about Alisha’s experience with us, you too might be interested in a firmer, tighter booty! Why not? Be sure to schedule a consultation today to begin the process. 20,000 squats in only 30 minutes is only possible with Emsculpt.

Hard-To-Reach Muscles

For those interested in gaining more muscle or defining the ones they already have, the aesthetics industry might feel like the last place to look. After all, most body contouring procedures focus their attention on helping patients lose stubborn fat, discounting muscle-building altogether. While fat on average comprises 25% of our body’s composition, muscle tissue makes up 42% and 36% of our body composition for men and women respectively.[1] So, although focusing on stubborn fat is optimal for some patients, many people can see outstanding results with procedures that focus on muscle fibers instead. But, the reward of sculpted muscles does not come easy. Diligent dieting and exercising are often seen as the foundation for the ideal physique by the health and fitness community. Yet, who has the hours to spend in a gym, monotonously repeating the same exercise day in and day out, desperately checking off those 10,000 hours – or 80,000 squats? For those clients, our answer is Emsculpt!

About HIFEM Technology

The high-intensity frequency electromagnetic (HIFEM) power of Emsculpt gently contracts the muscles, causing the body to then send restorative properties like heat shock proteins to the tissue to begin rebuilding the fibers, fortifying and strengthening them for a future encounter of the same workload.[2] This process is how muscles become stronger and more equipped to handle higher amounts of stress. It’s also what caused Alisha’s butt to look so good! By using HIFEM technology, Emsculpt manipulates the body’s process to produce results that aren’t possible in the gym or during an at-home workout. With Emsculpt, we activate the body’s physiological response systems to achieve exceptional results in the abdomen, arms, butt, legs, and even the pelvic floor.  

Personal Consultation

Alisha has goals, and so do you. And, the team at ABS is here to make those goals a reality, we are dedicated to accomplishing your aesthetic goals. During your initial consultation, we will learn about the results you’re craving and determine if Emsculpt is right for you. We do ask our clients to come into our care already leading a healthy, active lifestyle, as results will also be dependent on the foods you eat and the activities you participate in between each of your Emsculpt sessions. These healthy habits are crucial to making sure you get the best results possible from yourr Emsculpt treatments. During this consultation, we will discuss treatment areas and pricing. If you have any other cosmetic concerns, we will listen and recommend different options and procedures to help you look and feel your best. 

Preparing For Your Emsculpt Session

Since Emsculpt is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure, you won’t have much preparation to worry about. We do recommend that those getting their abdomen treated wait to eat lunch or skip breakfast before their sessions as the abdominal contractions can irritate the stomach. But, as Alisha noted, this procedure is quick, simple, and easily fits into a lunch break. 


As chronicled in Alisha’s post, we will have you lie down, comfortably relaxed in a private treatment room. Then, an Emsculpt technician will attach the device to your target areas. The device has adjustable levels that you can control for maximum comfort or maximum contraction. An Emsculpt device switches between two modes: contracting and tapping. In the contracting phase, the HIFEM energy stimulates the muscles, restructuring the fibers. In the tapping phase, the HIFEM waves break up the lactic acid in the area that had built up during the contraction phase. These cycles repeat for 30 minutes. Once you are done, you are free to leave our care and jump right back into your day!

How Much Does Emsculpt Cost in Denver?

The price of your Emsculpt procedure might be different than Alisha’s since you might choose to treat other areas, and need more or fewer sessions to see results. Every body is unique The price is dependent on different factors relative to the patient and their desired preferences. To learn more about our pricing, check out our pricing page. For those interested in financing, we have a financing page that outlines all of our payment options. If you like reading this blog, check out our others! Call us if you have questions or would like to see what all of Denver and denv.her is raving about at (303) 708-8770.


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