The Advanced Body Sculpting Institute Difference

Choosing where you get your liposuction, fat reduction or body sculpting treatment is a big decision. When it comes to planning your liposuction treatment, there are many options that will be thrown at you to the point where it can become overwhelming. At ABS, we don’t believe one should have ever have to sacrifice quality or safety to save money. We recognize that both your goals and your hard-earned money are important to you.

ABS believes in delivering accessible, high-quality body sculpting to all those who wish to achieve the best versions of themselves. Marrying advanced, high-efficiency liposuction technology with modern, artistic body sculpting philosophies, the Advanced Body Sculpting Institute offers the best of both worlds in terms of quality results and reasonable pricing. Your body and your wallet do not have to compete.

Contact us today to learn more about our low-cost liposuction packages using the most advanced liposuction techniques like VASER liposuction, Smart Lipo, and Cellulaze.


At the Advanced Body Sculpting Institute, we’re taking the most advanced forms of the art of body sculpting, liposuction, and liposelection and bringing them to you with improved procedure times, and at a fraction of the cost.

ABS offers only the most scientifically-backed and clinically proven fat reduction treatments such as VASER liposuction, SmartLipo, and Cellulaze. Moreover, the ABS Institute’s practicing philosophy of Artistic Anatomy delivers the most beautiful, natural results that are appropriate to your body and fitting to your anatomy.

At ABS, we’ve left behind the old style of obvious-looking cosmetic treatment. We constantly strive to provide our patients results in accordance with our philosophy of artistic anatomy: we help you achieve your most beautiful self.

The Advanced Body Sculpting Institute Difference

  • ABS employs modern technologies that offer less pain, faster recovery, and less bruising.
  • Advanced VASER liposelection techniques deliver smoother body contouring results
  • VASER technology provides “superficial liposuction,” that contours the results to your body’s natural features.
  • Advanced liposuction techniques enable twice the amount of fat removal compared to traditional liposuction methods.
  • Advanced liposuction technologies enable treatments to be performed in faster time

Our Competitors

  • Lower rates of fat reduction speeds compared to ABS’s techniques
  • Slower treatment times that increase chances of discomfort and bruising
  • Large-chain liposuction centers vary greatly from location to location, meaning you cannot be sure of the type or quality of treatment
  • Large-chain centers are notorious for poor patient experiences due to pushy tactics and miscommunication
  • High employee turnover with low rates of satisfaction contribute to the overall lack of training and inconsistency

The ABS difference goes beyond just our reasonable prices.

ABS Technology

Where ABS steps ahead of the rest of the competition is with Vaser liposuction technology, advanced liposuction tools, and a a modern practice philosophy.

VASER liposuction, sometimes referred to as liposelection, is at the cutting edge of liposuction technology. This treatment is performed using a specialized ultrasound probe that emits targeted ultrasound energy to break up fatty tissue for ease of removal. The primary advantage of using ultrasound energy is that it does not involve heating localized tissue during fat extraction. With older techniques, heat is sometimes used to “melt” fat for easier extraction, which poses certain levels of risk because heat can damage surrounding tissues. On the other hand, Vaser’s ultrasound frequency has more of an emulsifying effect due to the contraction of air bubbles that break up compacted fat tissue. The emulsified fat is easier to extract quickly and in larger quantities.

With Vaser liposuction, techniques such as “Superficial Liposuction” are made possible.

Superficial Liposuction – Subdermal Skin Tightening

Traditional liposuction methods in the past have been unable to achieve a measurable level of skin tightening, which has resulted in bumpy and uneven results for body sculpting. The innovative three and five-ring probes used during VASER liposuction emit ultrasonic waves that cause noticeable skin contraction after treatment. This skin tightening effect results in precision sculpting and body contouring that naturally conforms to your body’s best features.

Ultrasound pulsation is combined with specially-designed “atraumatic cannulas” which are less damaging to tissues when worked through the fat layer beneath the skin. Using atraumatic cannulas results in a sealing, “shrink wrap” effect for improved muscular definition.

Vaser Liposuction is like a finely-tuned chisel of a sculptor.

ABS Treatments

At ABS, we offer a variety of advanced body sculpting treatments.

Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Liposuction is the cutting-edge precision body sculpting technology. Vaser liposuction elevates fat removal treatment to liposculpture levels, making tailored anatomy and artistic body sculpting possible. The dual-action capability of subcutaneous fat sculpting and skin tightening. With ABS’s advanced, patented VASER technologies and practices, the results offered are world-class.


SmartLipo is the latest generation in laser liposuction. This FDA-approved treatment harnesses laser energies to break down fat tissue more efficiently for precision body sculpting results. Offering decreased recovery times and noticeable skin tightening, SmartLipo is head and shoulders above traditional liposuction methods that are typically offered.

Smartlipo uses a new generation of thinner, smaller cannulas, which are the instruments used to suction fat from the body. Thinner cannulas reduce trauma to the body and provide smoother results.


Cellulite is the dimpling, bumpy skin that often occurs around the thighs and lower body, which can make the idea of wearing any type of revealing clothing seem unpleasant. With Cellulaze, you can reclaim your body-confidence and attain smooth, dimple-free skin.

With its advanced laser probe, the Cellulaze treatment is unique because it is capable of attacking the fatty structures that cause the appearance of cellulite. Where most topical treatments provide only temporary results, Cellulaze addresses the root cause of cellulite.

With a patient satisfaction rate close to 100%, Cellulaze will give you long-term results for smoother skin though a single-day, outpatient treatment.

During your consultation, the best choice that fits your goals and body will be recommended to you.


The friendly and well-trained staff at ABS aim to provide a comfortable and pleasant treatment experience for each patient. It is our goal to ensure you are totally confident in your treatment and satisfied with your results. During your private, complimentary consultation, you will be able to go over your body goals and point out the areas of your body that concern you the most. Drawing on their extensive training and experience, our ABS physicians will walk you through the best treatment options for your situation.

We do recommend that patients bring in photos of their ideal results and even examples of results they wish to avoid. Photos serve as great places to start the conversation on how to best achieve your goals.

How much for liposuction with ABS?

ABS treatment packages starting as low as $3000 per treatment area!

Every patient who receives a body sculpting treatment at ABS is provided a customized plan that is tailored to their bodies. There are no one-size-fits all treatments. Your treatment package is designed just for you during your private consultation.

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