Liposuction for Gender Transitioning

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Liposuction for Gender Transitioning

Liposuction is an effective treatment option that enables trans men, trans women, and nonbinary individuals to achieve the body contours they desire. For trans men, liposuction can reduce areas of fat in the flanks, abdomen, hips, and other areas to reduce body fat for a more masculine silhouette. For trans women, trunk liposuction and buttock enhancement can be used to slim the waist and enhance curvature for a more feminine appearance. Though rarely discussed, but with an ever-increasing demand, liposuction can also be helpful for nonbinary individuals who experience gender dysphoria and who wish to achieve a more gender neutral appearance.

Denver’s Advanced Body Sculpting Institute is proud to provide tailored gender affirming liposuction procedures to transgender individuals. If you would like to book a personal consultation with one of our surgeons to discuss GAS, and to formulate a treatment plan for your liposuction procedure, please contact our Englewood office at (303) 708-8770, or fill out an online inquiry form for more details.

About Gender Affirming Procedures

Gender affirming surgery (GAS) is an important step in the lives of many transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. People assigned female at birth (AFAB) and individuals assigned male at birth (AMAB) may wish to augment a prior surgery to align their body shape more closely to their gender identity. Several studies have shown there are high levels of satisfaction and improved quality of life in transgender patients who undergo GAS.(1) But GAS is often a multifaceted range of procedures, which requires several treatment modalities to achieve a patient’s aesthetic goals. 

Aside from the core “top” and “bottom” procedures, there are many other GAS procedures that can help during gender transition. Liposuction is particularly beneficial, as, in conjunction with top or bottom surgery, it can help patients to further align their body shape to one that they desire. Furthermore, in many cases it’s a straightforward procedure with excellent recovery prospects.

FTM Masculinization Lipo

Body Fat Distribution

The bodies of those with XX chromosomes often have a higher percentage of fat in certain areas. In fact, research shows that in XX and XY individuals with the same body mass index, AFAB individuals typically present with over 10% more fat than XY individuals.(2) Additional findings show levels of adipose tissue (fat) are 20–30% in women compared with 12–20% in men.(3) For trans men, this abundance of fat in undesirable areas can be emotionally damaging and contribute to gender dysphoria.

Masculinizing Liposuction

Liposuction can masculinize a trans man’s body shape. It can take place prior to, or after top surgery. A majority of trans men choose to undergo top surgery, which involves the removal of breast tissue for a masculinized chest. For some body types, there are other areas of the body that can be targeted with liposuction to minimize typically feminine areas of fat. For many FTM individuals, the classic “V” physique is a body shape to aspire to.

Abdominal Liposuction  

AFAB individuals may find they have more abdominal fat than they want. Stubborn fat around the midriff can contribute to body dysmorphia, particularly following top surgery, where it can sometimes appear more prominent. Abdominal liposuction can target this fat for a more masculine body contour.

VASER Liposuction

VASER liposuction takes abdominal lipo to the next level. It’s designed to achieve better muscle definition in the abdomen, and can be used in other areas of the body such as the arms and the inner and outer thighs. VASER uses ultrasound technology to safely and effectively remove fat and contour tissue for a more muscular physique and enhance the appearance of the rectus abdominis, colloquially known as the “six pack”.

Hip and Flank Liposuction 

Excess fat in the hips and flanks can result in unwanted curves for trans men. To reduce this silhouette and to create a more masculine body profile, your surgeon can use liposuction to resculpt and redefine these areas to masculinize your appearance.

MTF Feminization Lipo

Changing Your Silhouette

Many trans women find they are dissatisfied with their overall body shape. Although some individuals are content with wearing padded undergarments, others desire more permanent measures to achieve a more feminine figure. This is particularly apparent around the waist area. Trans women frequently lack the hip-to-waist ratio of cisgender women. A straight trunk, poorly defined hips, and a smaller behind can be accentuated effectively with one or multiple liposuction procedures.  

Feminizing Liposuction

Many trans women wish to enhance body features associated with femininity. Liposuction before or after surgeries such as breast enhancement and facial augmentation can be an effective way to feminize your body contours. For many trans women, liposuction offers the chance to achieve more of an hourglass figure. Combination fat transfer can also help significantly to move adipose tissue from regions where it is unwanted to other areas such as the buttocks.

Liposuction for Gender Transitioning

Hips and Waist Liposuction 

Your surgeon can sculpt areas of your abdomen to achieve a slimmer waist. By making minimally-invasive incisions, they can extract fat and prepare it for reintroduction into areas where more fat is needed. Hip and waist liposuction can provide a more striking body contour and a shape that is feminized.

Brazilian Butt Lift 

For larger, more curvaceous buttocks, trans women may seek a BBL. Using the advanced Wells Johnson Volume Precision fat graft system, unwanted fat from the patient’s own body is carefully harvested. Surgeons then treat the fat and prepare it for reintroduction to the body. This safe, effective technique means a BBL results in a more voluminous bottom, and can create a noticeable difference between the width of the waist and the hips.

Liposuction for Nonbinary Individuals

Nonbinary people may have unique needs relating to gender transitioning, and some individuals may want to change areas of their body to a more gender-neutral aesthetic. Studies uphold the view that gender-affirming healthcare is often effective and medically necessary for nonbinary individuals who seek it. In fact, in a recent survey, 25% of nonbinary respondents reported having undergone some form of GCS.(3)

Any combination of the liposuction procedures available to trans men and trans women is available to our nonbinary patients. To find out further information, please feel free to contact us to set up a personal consultation.


Criteria for cosmetic gender affirming liposuction usually includes some or all of the following:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Diagnosed gender dysphoria
  • Physically and emotionally healthy
  • No serious medical conditions

The requirements to receive gender-affirming liposuction are far fewer than those deemed medically necessary and/or reconstructive (such as top surgery and certain genital surgeries). Patients should note that as gender-affirming lipo is considered cosmetic in nature, it will not be covered by most health insurance plans.

Personal Consultation

Liposuction for Gender Transitioning

At Advanced Body Sculpting we are sensitive to the medical and cosmetic needs of our transgender and gender nonconforming patients. Our goal is to provide services that help people realize their body shape aspirations and understand that transitioning is a significant, multi-faceted life event. Our surgeons speak with every patient to discover what their goals are at a personal consultation. We take details about your medical history and conduct physical examinations where they are required. Please let us know the name you wish to be addressed as if it differs from your legal name, and inform us of your pronouns where needed. To book an appointment with us, please call (303) 708-8770 or fill out a simple form online to get started with your inquiry.

Cost of Gender Affirming Liposuction in Denver, CO

The cost of your liposuction treatment depends on the location and number of areas you wish to treat. Unlike many cosmetic surgery institutions, ABS believes in honest, transparent pricing for every patient. You can get an idea of the cost of your treatment, find out about the latest specials, and find financing details on our website. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to give you further information.

The Importance of Gender Affirming Surgery

Both core and supplementary gender affirming surgeries can be incredibly important for trans and nonbinary individuals. A growing body of research demonstrates improved quality of life, gender dysphoria reduction, and low rates of regret.(4) It is therefore essential that medical providers make these services available to those who are transitioning, to ensure better quality of life, and the opportunity to look and feel like their true self.

Contact Advanced Body Sculpting to discuss your gender affirming treatment by calling our Englewood office at (303) 708-8770, or fill out a simple form to contact us regarding your request.


Can nonbinary people get gender affirming surgery?

Yes! Many nonbinary people choose to undergo liposuction to achieve the body shape that better fits their gender identity. Speak with a liposuction expert for further information to find out about the options available to you.

Is gender affirming liposuction covered by health insurance?

As liposuction is considered a cosmetic procedure and not medically necessary for transitioning, your health insurance is unlikely to cover costs. Some surgeons offer financing for procedures, so be sure to discuss this with your provider.


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